Enhanced ASPM (Private residential and composite buildings)

Enquiries related to the “Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector”

Over HK$1.1 billion of subsidies had been granted under the “Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector” (ASPM), benefiting nearly 40,000 properties and more than 160,000 frontline workers. The subsidies had been fully disbursed to the concerned property management companies or owners’ organisations which made the applications. The PMSA is working on the follow-up work including random checking and audit review. Please refer to the ASPM webpage for details about the scheme and the list of properties receiving the subsidies.

If you have any enquiries about the subsidies granted for individual properties, please refer to the aforesaid webpages or directly contact the property management companies or owner organisations of the respective properties before making the enquiries. As for applicants, they can make enquiries via email on matters related their subsidies granted.

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